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Eliana  offered the last vital piece in my long healing journey.   I went thru counseling, and developed a strong yoga/meditation practice and yet I was not shifting enough to finally lay to rest some unsupportive patterning.   Her technique was the last key ingredient. I am not suggesting that you have to bring her guidance in as the 3rd step, that is just how it worked out for me. 

Here is how I see these different techniques weaving together and how  they each bring a unique healing effect. 

  1. Counseling :  helped me identify the territory that I needed to own and the territory that was not mine. It basically helped me identify the boundaries of my stuff.
  2. Yoga and Meditation: helped me identify the reaches of my patterning and destructive self-talk;  In silence I could see how far it reached into many corners of my life.  I also saw that this patterning was not part of my true self.  Going into observer mode in Meditation helped me gain some distance from the thoughts & patterning. 
  3. Eliana's Special Sauce -aka  Neuro-linguistic reprogramming and guided neuroplasticity - helped me turn the negative self-talk into healthier patterns. The negative self-talk we engage in so frequently causes our unsupportive reaction patterns. We don't even realize how much we engage in these destructive patterns.   Meditation alone was not turning it around, I needed a new framework and new language to help carve new pathways in the brain instead of constantly traveling the well-worn negative self-talk pathways.  This was a game changer for me. 

    I highly recommend her services.  You gain a guide and a friend!"

Thank you!

"Eliana has a real gift for observation — she is one of the only people in the world who I feel has ever truly seen me. Her ability to identify and communicate the issues and behaviors that were holding me back, and the tangible remedies she offered, helped me develop a greater resilience and the ability to navigate challenging emotional situations and change life-long patterns.

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to absorb her teachings and really incorporate them into my daily life. Her integrated approach blending cognitive therapy, tapping, and wisdom traditions have provided me with a balanced and nuanced toolkit for healing and thriving. I look forward to continuing my journey with her guidance in the years to come." 


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“Eliana is a master at shining a light into our emotional dungeons, our shadow selves, where no light has been before.   Eliana gently, and lovingly exposes my shadows of self doubt, self judgment and self sabotage by shining a light on those fears and sending them love so they can melt away. 

Working with Eliana feels like we are energetic bookends. I can authentically be my strong intense self without worries that I have to hold myself back for fear of energetically pushing her over like I’ve done with so many others in my life.  She is there to firmly support me throughout my journey, standing firm and pushing back with equal pressure and a loving giggle -- creating a space of safety and trust to grow so I can bring to the world my unique gifts and my strength.”
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Client Testimonials

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“Two years of therapy with a psychologist helped me get out of a 25-long hopeless marriage and start a new life. Though I understood everything the psychologist told me, I could not really feel it; the buttons of my (though now visible) shadow material did still work.

Despite all insight, I had not learned to love myself. When I came to Eliana, she saw this problem. After some sessions with tapping, things started to changed. I could sense the change inside of me over a few months.

I truly learned again how it feels to love myself – the most important prerequisite to love somebody else. I also learned that it is not enough to succeed once, regular tapping is required.

Eliana taught me how to experience this new dimension and to feel again a long forgotten intensity in my life – an incredibly wonderful change towards more happiness, more peace, and more truth – despite all obstacles. This gift cannot be expressed by any number.“


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“Nearly 8 years ago I felt pushed by my boss into working an overwhelming number of hours at work. The stress was incredible, and I became depressed and angry. After finishing the projects, I was exhausted and slept 20 hours a day for 4 months before going to the doctor.

The diagnosis was Chronic Fatigue, and it was accompanied by a lot of brain damage. While I made great strides at recovering physically on my own, I was never the same. I had frequent 3-day relapses, and felt weak and fragile. Additionally, I felt a lot of anger and resentfulness towards certain people that I was not able to handle very well.

After one particularly crazy episode, I asked Eliana for help.

Eliana was kind, respectful, and a great listener. She helped me immensely to see what was going on and where it had come from, and taught me invaluable techniques (such as tapping) that I use whenever I am having trouble.

Through her help, I am unraveling what happened in my life that led to my illness 7 years ago.

Every day I feel stronger and more peaceful.Every day I feel better able to deal with the everyday stresses of normal life. I have become more loving and forgiving towards myself.I can’t imagine life now without Eliana’s help—it would be a life filled with turmoil and resentfulness. Although my life still has stresses and hardships, Eliana has given me the tools with which to cope with these problems and change my decade-old responses.

Every week I look forward to the day that I will have my session with Eliana, because I know that afterward, I will feel so much better!I can truly say that I was unknowingly quite blind for many decades, although I seemed to function just fine by normal societal standards.Now I am on the road to healing and peace. And it feels so good!

I highly recommend Eliana to anyone wanting more peace and love in their lives.“


“I always thought of myself as a very intelligent person, too intelligent perhaps for my own good.  My first mistake.  Intelligence has little to do with happiness and success.  It’s all about mindset.  I thought I was smart enough to understand why I thought and reacted the way I do.  The truth is, we can all be tricked by our minds.

Due to a personal situation I was suffering from PTSD.  Yet I never realized it until I began speaking with Eliana.  The first thing I discovered was how petty my problems seemed compared to what Eliana suffered through. But she also made me realize that there’s no such thing as “petty” problems as even the smallest of them can just shut you down.  Your mind and body will still react to them in the same manner.

Working with Eliana has been an invaluable experience and has finally opened the door to bringing back the life I lost many years ago. And you cannot put a price on that.  Thank you.”


"Dear Eliana,

It is because of your work with me that I have been able to step back into the work of teaching Listening. I just received an order from a hospital chain for 5000 cards! I am very grateful to you for helping me over the edge of fear. ​​​​​​ Also, I have been able to face off against tyrants with considerable aplomb since we have done our work, and with the effect that we now work collaboratively rather than in a combative matter"

Marcia McReynolds, manages the Conflict Resolution Center in WA State and founder of Listening Planet.

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