Meu nome e’ Eliana Salter, e desde 1992 eu estava numa jornada de cura emocional em funcao de trauma e perdas que sofri na minha vida. Lidei com depressao profunda, ataques de panico, agorafobia, pensamentos e atos suicidas, e Sindrome do Stress Pos-traumatico, sem uso de drogas de tipo algum ou pilulas. So com remedios naturais e terapia.

Apesar de ser dentista no Brasil, eu decidi compartilhar o que eu aprendi durante este processo de cura.

Eu uso meditacao, trabalho de Sombra, “tapping”, entre outras ferramentas que sempre me ajudam a achar o “olho do furacao”, e assim posso criar um senso de Paz Interior, o que me permite sarar e ir adiante, independente das revolucoes `a minha volta…e eu posso lhe ensinar estas ferramentas.

E’ uma verdadeira Jornada em busca da saida de qualquer Inferno, onde eu posso ser seu guia.

Se voce sente afinidade com o que eu tenho a oferecer, sente dor emocional, esta’ perdido(a), sem saida ou se voce quer apenas “Transformar seu Coracao” para conquistar aquele espaco de Paz Interior, entao, se de a chance de aprender mais sobre mim e como eu posso ajudar. Mande-me um e-mail para que combinemos uma conversa amigavel, talvez atraves do Skype. Eu vou adorar falar com voce.

Super abraco,

Eliana Salter

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Meet Eliana.

She's been there.

In 1992, I was in a very horrible car accident, where my mother, father and first husband were all killed. I survived with some relatively minor physical injuries, but emotionally I was devastated and completely traumatized. Since then, I have been on a long healing journey, where I dealt with deep depression, panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, suicidal spells and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder​​​​​​​, without drugs of any kind, just natural approach and therapy.

Although, I have college degree and had a decade long practice in Dentistry in Brazil, I decided to devote my life’s work to sharing this healing journey.

In addition to a decade of Jungian therapy and another of mentorship by a master in that field, I looked for and found solutions in various spiritual and wisdom traditions, different herbal and natural therapies, cognitive neuroscience, EFT (tapping, which combines neurolinguistics, and acupressure points), guided meditation and guided neuroplasticity. I worked with world class “coaches of coaches”, including Linda Chandler, and Marcia Wieder, but found that I am less a “life coach” and more of a wounded healer guide.

I found I had to use these tools again when I became a cancer caregiver for one of my best friends, then again later, when I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Though we handled it and I celebrated my first year “cancer free”, the stress on myself and my family reminded me that the tools I learned have wide application for all those going through “life”, especially the stress of trauma, disease and uncertainty.

In a true journey out of hell, I can be your guide. Been there. Done that.

I teach people to use these tools to help find the “eye of the hurricane“, so they can create a sense of Inner Peace that allows them to heal and thrive regardless of what is going on around them. I help them regain control of their hearts and minds, and move back into healing and joy.

If you resonate with what I have to offer, if you or someone you know and care about feels emotionally hurt, lost, helpless or if you just want to Shift Your Heart to get to that space of deeper Inner Peace, then give yourself the chance to get to know more about me and the tools I know.

E-mail me and let’s set up a call to check if we are a good fit for each other. I will love to hear from you.

Eliana Salter