Are you ready to ​​​​​​​


Are you feeling depressed, panicky, afraid to get out of your house, suicidal or traumatized?

Would you like to reconnect with your heart, to joy, to love, for yourself and others?

I can help you, because I’ve been there. When you Shift Your Heart, you change your life! I did it… And so can you.

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of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives, with women twice as likely as men.


will suffer from anxiety disorders at some time in their life and is the most common illness.


of all ages will suffer from depression, the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Is there a cure?

Yes, and it’s within you.

I can help you find it.

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Hi! I’m Mufazza Khalifa

Every day I feel stronger and more peaceful.Every day I feel better able to deal with the everyday stresses of normal life. I have become more loving and forgiving towards myself.I can’t imagine life now without Eliana’s help—it would be a life filled with turmoil and resentfulness.


My Name is Raymond Owen

Working with Eliana has been an invaluable experience and has finally opened the door to bringing back the life I lost many years ago. And you cannot put a price on that.

Thank you!


Business Development Exec

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